Never Lose Your Phone Again With This Coin-Sized Device

“Hey, can you call my phone?”… 

How many times have you heard that question? Better yet, how many times have you asked yourself?

But honestly, who even leaves their phone ringer on anyways? 

Having a ringtone just isn’t something most people do anymore. 

Even when someone does call it, you have to be lucky for it to be on anything other than silent. And when it’s on vibrate, it can still be difficult to find. 

Then your poor friend has to call it over and over while the two of you feel around the couch, the bed, and the floor to figure out where the faint vibration feeling is coming from. 

If your phone goes missing long enough, sometimes it dies altogether, and no amount of phone calls will help you find it. 

As if the search wasn’t frustrating enough, it gets even worse when it’s making you late for work, an important meeting, or even just a coffee date with a friend. 

But just like ringtones, that frustrating search around the house for a tiny little vibration noise is finally a thing of the past. 

There’s a new device on the market that uses modern tech to its advantage, and will help you find your phone even if it’s on silent or completely out of battery. 

It’s called the XY Find It.

So What is an XY Find It?

The XY Find It is so simple yet so smart. 

At a glance, the XY Find It looks like a tiny little hexagon. In fact, it’s about the size (and weight) of a coin. 

But beneath the surface, the XY Find It is taking advantage of modern advances in technology. 

With this nifty device, you can get your phone to ping loudly and direct you to it immediately, even if you set your phone on silent!!!

The XY Find It has five entire years of battery life, without ever needing to charge. 

Pretty incredible when you consider just how small and lightweight this thing is in comparison to your phone.

How To Set Up The XY Find It

There’s actually no set up at all for the device. It comes ready to use right out of the box. 

It’s already charged, and you never need to charge it again. Bluetooth and location-based technology are already inside! 

There are just a few easy things you do need to do to make sure you can always get the most out of your device. It only takes a few seconds, and they are:

  1. Turn on your Bluetooth on your phone
  2. Download the XY Find It app → It’s free! Just leave it running in the background. 
  3. Log into the app → this will be easy and obvious once you download it
  4. Hold onto your XY Find It or keep it somewhere safe

Finding Your Phone with XY Find It’s “Beep to Find” Feature

There are a few handy ways to find your phone, depending on what kind of scenario you’re in. 

Let’s say you’re running late for a meeting and you need to find your phone FAST. You know it’s home somewhere, but you’re not exactly sure where to look. 

The “Beep to Find” feature would be perfect here. 

Assuming you have received the device and completed the four easy steps in the “How To Use” section above, you are ready to go in whatever event you lose your phone. 

Just grab your XY Find It device and push the button! It’s really that easy. Even if it’s on silent, your phone will automatically start to ring. Just follow the noise until you find it. 

Voila! Your phone is found.

Find Your Phone With the Community Feature

This is where it gets really impressive. 

Not only can the device send out a sound signal even when your phone is on silent AND pinpoint its exact position within the home, but the XY Find It can also help you find your phone when it’s miles and miles away. 

Of course, we all hope to never leave our phones behind, but it happens to the best of us, and the XY Find Its community feature helps you get it back safe and sound. 

The Bluetooth technology within the XY Find It is actually connected to every other purchaser worldwide. 

This means that if your phone were to go missing, you could just mark it as such within the app or on a web browser. 

As soon as your phone is tagged as lost, the next time someone with an XY Find It walks within 300 feet of your phone, you’ll be alerted to its exact location on the map once again! 

Fortunately, there are already millions of XY Find It community users roaming the country, who are all constantly helping others find their belongings without even trying. 

I live in New York City, so this feature has come in handy more than once. I’ve left it in a cab twice, and both times it was returned to me safe and sound, using the community feature. 

Don’t Forget That The XY Find It Can Find Other Things Too

I know I’ve talked a lot about the phone. That just happens to be my weakness. 

But I know plenty of other people who use the XY Find It to keep track of other things they tend to misplace. 

Things like purses, wallets, house keys – even pets – can all be found using the XY Find It. 

Even though the technology is the real star of the show, it’s also pretty handy that the device has a small hole so you can loop a keychain or pet collar through it. 

And if you want to showcase a personal sense of style, you can even choose your favorite color.

Can’t decide which device you want to use the XY Find It for? No problem. The website is currently offering some great package deals, where you can get multiple XY Find Its at a discounted rate if you buy more than one. 

Millions of Satisfied Customers Praise The XY Find It

The XY Find It has a community of over one million customers and counting! 

Here’s just some of what they have to say about how much this handy little device has helped them, their friends, and families:

Let The XY Find It Save You Some Trouble

It’s crazy to think we’re advanced enough that looking for things is actually outdated! 

The next time you find yourself crawling around on your hands and knees looking for your phone, ask yourself why you haven’t given the XY Find It a shot yet. 

There’s no reason to do all of the searching yourself when millions of other people are already proving just how conveniently and easily the XY Find It does it for you.

Whether you’re tired of looking for your wallet, purse, keys, pet, or phone, let the XY Find It does the searching for you. You’ll have your item back within seconds!

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